Cova, a modern flush mount light feature, casts a gentle glow of light on a dark room.

Cova: Modern LED Flush Mount Lights

The Cova Collection from Lumicor features modern flush mount ceiling fixtures that bring character and style to contemporary interiors. With four base shapes in eight sizes and the option to nest fixtures and create large-scale custom installations, Cova is designed to work beautifully within any space.
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Rectangular Cova features are installed side by side to create larger lit ceiling features.

Scale Up

Make a statement with a single Cova fixture or install a series in spacious environments. Nest the square and rectangular fixtures to create nearly seamless large-scale installations in custom configurations.

Glow Up

Each flush mount fixture in the Cova Collection provides soft, indirect lighting via efficient and long-lasting LED diodes at a standard light temperature of 5300 Kelvin. Utilizing Lumicor’s innovative Lumilight technology ensures that every Cova fixture emits an even, inviting glow.


Produced with durable, high-performance resin, each Cova flush mount fixture is fully kitted and ships flat, saving on shipping costs and minimizing the risk of damage. Onsite assembly is simple and fast, allowing a single fixture to be put together and installed in just a few hours.

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