Class A fire rated up to ⅜” gauge and less rigid than other resin options, Lumiform is easy to fabricate and install.

Lumiclear / Lumiclear EX

Superior clarity and inherent UV resistance make Lumiclear the ideal choice both indoors and out.

Lumishield EX

Our strongest resin with superior impact resistance.

Highest Rated = Highest Rated
Lumiform Lumiclear / Lumiclear EX Lumishield EX
Color Precision Lumiform has a slight grey tint. Highest Rated Lumiclear offers superior clarity, especially at gauges .236" and greater Lumishield EX has a slight green tint.
Energy Efficiency Lumiclear is up to 4 times more energy efficient than glass. Highest Rated Lumishield is up to 8 times more energy efficient than glass.
Exterior Use Highest Rated Lumiclear EX is available for exterior use in .236" and .472" gauges. Highest Rated Lumishield EX is available for exterior use in .236" and .472" gauges.
Fire Rating Highest Rated Lumiform has a Class A fire rating up to .354" gauge. Lumiclear has a Class C fire rating. Highest Rated Lumishield EX has a Class B in .236" and .472".
Impact Strength Lumiform is 40 times stronger than glass. Lumiclear is 7 times stronger than glass. Highest Rated Lumishield EX is 130 times stronger than glass.
Light Transmittance Highest Rated Allows 92% of visible light transmittance. Allows 86% of visible light transmittance.
Recycled Content 40% recycled content Highest Rated 50% recycled content 40% recycled content
Renewable Surface Highest Rated Lumiclear with a Gloss or Matte finish is a renewable surface which can be refinished to extend the life of the product
Rigidity Highest Rated Lumiclear is 50% more rigid than Lumiform which may allow the use of thinner gauges.
UV Resistance Highest Rated Lumiclear is naturally resistant to UV rays. Highest Rated Lumishield EX comes standard with UV cap on both sides.
Weight Highest Rated Approximately half the weight of glass. Highest Rated Approximately half the weight of glass. Highest Rated Approximately half the weight of glass.

Exterior Solutions

Photography courtesy of Michael Firsich Photography
Photography by Joel Lassiter / Lassiter Photography

Want to install our products outside?

Choose between Lumishield EX (polycarbonate) and Lumiclear EX (PMAA acrylic), both specially formulated resins with UV caps on both sides.

Specify Lumiclear EX for superior clarity or Lumishield EX for superior impact resistance. Décors and finishes for exterior applications have been chosen based on their durability outdoors, including a selection of Luminous colors that are encapsulated in the center of the panel to minimize fading.

Custom Design Options

Download Exterior Spec Sheet

Did you know that exterior Resin Panels can help you achieve LEED credits?

Low Environmental Impact

  • Qualifies for LEED MR Credit 4 and IEQ Credit 8.1 & 8.2 (daylight and views)
  • 100% recyclable

Learn more about Lumicor and sustainability

Layers & Customization

Resin Panels are manufactured in the USA at our facility just outside of Seattle, Washington. Each artisan panel is made by hand using organic material, fabrics and metals from around the globe, encapsulated in clear resin.

Panels are constructed in a series of customizable layers, which we call décors; many décors can even be combined into a single panel. 

Craving more design freedom? Take the wheel and provide your own raw material (subject to R&D testing to determine viability) for completely custom panels unique to your project. Ask us about combining décors and COM (customer owned material) for more details.

How to Specify

Specify Resin Panels in just a few simple steps.

  1. Select a décor | There are over 250 décors in 8 categories to choose from.
  1. Select a resin | Our resin options are engineered to meet the demands of your project.
    Not all décors are available in all resins. For specific information on resin availability see the décor product page.
  1. Select finishes | Either use the standard finishes listed for your chosen décor, or pick your own from 12 different options.
  1. Select dimensions
    Standard sheet: 48″ x 96″ (1219 x 2438 mm)
    Oversized sheets: 48″ x 120″ (1219 x 3048 mm)
    Gauges range from 1/16″ (1.5 mm) to 1″ (24mm). Not all décors are available in all gauges or sizes. For specific information on size and gauge availability see the décor product page.
  1. Request a quote | Call us at 1.888.LUMICOR, find a representative  near you, or use our online quote request form.

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