Kuvio Wall Tiles

Kuvio is Lumicor’s innovative dimensional wall tile solution. Our award-winning 3D wall tiles bring pattern to life with crisp, versatile shapes in a stunning collection of diverse finishes. Each lightweight wall tile is fully finished, making for quick and easy installation, and can be laid out in a variety of patterns for maximum design creativity and flexibility.

Preview Kuvio Wall Combinations

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Why Kuvio?


Each of our seven Kuvio wall tile shapes has a distinct topography that adds depth, shadow and contour to any wall. The dimensionality of Kuvio’s wall tiles incorporates rich texture on an interior wall without requiring complex installation.


One dimensional tile shape, multiple possibilities! Each tile’s shape was designed so that installation would be flexible and not limited to one pattern orientation. This flexibility gives you control over your Kuvio wall’s design, allowing you to arrange the installation pattern of your 3D wall tiles.

Easy to Install

Each lightweight 3D wall tile weighs about a pound, allowing for easy installation. Once Kuvio is installed, no additional finishing is necessary. Each 3D wall tile is fully finished, saving hours of time on the installation.

Kuvio Lookbook

Shape: Slide | Color: Concrete
Wall Shape: Curve | Color: Cotton / Desk Shape: Dive | Color: Grigio Marble
Shape: Roll | Color: Titanium
Shape: Dive | Color: Maple
Shape: Roll | Color: Walnut
Shape: Slide | Color: Bianco Marble