June 6, 2024

Design to Heal: Promoting Wellness in Healthcare Spaces Through Interior Products

More than just doctors’ offices and hospitals, the healthcare design landscape has grown into a sprawling, multifaceted industry that encompasses retirement facilities, health spas, and specialized treatment centers. Designing even a single facility for healthcare requires meeting the needs of patients, visitors, and medical personnel, all with different requirements from the space. Lumicor products offer the ideal combination of design flexibility, longevity, and ease of use, easily meeting designers’ requirements for varied healthcare spaces. 


While aesthetics are important when choosing products, environments focused on health have high standards that ensure facilities and people are both protected.

Our materials have been put through rigorous testing to ensure that they are suitable for healthcare environments. Compared to glass, Resin Panels are more energy efficient and have greater impact resistance while weighing half as much. Not only are Resin Panels available in a Class A fire rated resin option, but all Kuvio tiles are Class A as well. HPDs are available for Lumiclear and Lumiform resin options, and Lumiform is Greenguard certified. 

Additionally, Resin Panels and products can be easily cleaned with a 10% bleach solution, a must for the cleanliness standards of healthcare facilities. Chemshield, an add-on for Resin Panels, increases chemical and stain resistance. This protective layer will not fade or streak even after heavy cleaning.

Product Focus: Wall Protection

Wall Protection combines the beauty of real botanical materials and neutral textiles with the performance of durable resin, offering versatile, practical wall cladding without sacrificing design aesthetics. 

With an impact strength 40 times greater than glass, a durable satin finish, and a Class A fire rating, these panels provide durable wall cladding and keep exam rooms, lobbies, and laboratories from taking additional wear and tear. Unlike traditional wall protection, attractive design isn’t the price paid for durability; the line features a thoughtfully curated selection of gorgeous décors and coordinating trim. Specify Natural décors such as Coastal or Natural Leaves for biophilic options, while Textile décors like Bella Lagoon or Kauri provide soothing visual elements.

Patient Comfort

Our products’ natural beauty inspires a sense of comfort and well-being that is critical to a holistic healing environment. 

An array of Resin Panel décors are available in free-flowing fabrics, custom digital prints featuring stunning imagery, and naturally-inspired Impressions that are a stronger, lighter alternative to architectural glass. For additional biophilic design elements, Kuvio’s life-like wood finishes are perfectly at home in waiting rooms or medical spas.

Our diverse product offering provides options for every niche of the healthcare market, meaning that you can choose the right products for patients at various kinds of facilities. A dialysis center might feature Walden Dawn partitions between treatment areas to soothe adult patients, whereas a wall of brightly painted Kuvio in a pediatric hospital waiting room makes the prospect of treatment less frightening for children.

Product Focus: Natural Décors 

The healing power of nature is easy to integrate into the built environment with Natural décors. Real leaves, grasses, and other organic material are preserved in Resin Panels, ensuring that they will bring life to the space for years to come and require little maintenance compared to living walls and planters. Many Natural décors are available in thinner gauges, making it possible to incorporate biophilia throughout facilities as cabinet inserts, overhead lighting, or column wraps.


Privacy doesn’t have to mean isolation. Resin privacy panels and partitions provide discrete separation while maintaining a soothing atmosphere within the healthcare environment. 

Resin Panels allow for the transmittal of natural light, even as they provide the privacy often required at medical facilities. Obscure objects behind panels by specifying heavily textured finishes or Impressions embossed surfaces, all without blocking light. Let privacy panels double as a source of biophilia by specifying naturally-inspired Impressions or organic Natural décors. 

Product Focus: Partitions

Partitions and walls are available in hundreds of décors and several configurations, including floor-to-ceiling Suspended Walls and simple Freestanding Pony Walls. Each partition comes with fully kitted hardware, making them easy to specify and install. Care is just as easy. Clean Resin Panels with soap and water or a 10% bleach solution, and refinish matte or gloss Lumiclear panels as needed to preserve product longevity. 

Copyright Andrew Rugge. Courtesy Perkins Eastman.


As designers, architects, and builders place more priority on environmental impact, we continue to evolve our product lines to meet changing sustainability needs.

Lumiclear and Lumishield are both more energy efficient than glass, and all of the resins that we use are made of at least 40% recycled content. A number of our décors are made with repurposed or sustainably harvested botanical materials. One of our favorites, Take II, is upcycled scrap material saved from raw material for another Metallic décor in order to avoid contributing more to landfill waste. Our Resin Panels in general can help your project earn LEED, WELL Building Standard, or Living Building Challenge certifications.

Product Focus: Recycled Glass

Each Recycled Glass décor is composed of at least 98% recycled glass aggregate and can even help you earn LEED credits pertaining to recycled content! Our Mixed Bottles décor is made from 100% post-consumer content and adds beautiful, eye-catching elements to desks or light features.


Every project is different, and interior products need to allow for design flexibility in order to account for existing structures, creative vision, and budget constraints.

We offer an extensive range of fully kitted products including partitions, lighting, ceiling features, and horizontal surfaces. Products like Kuvio or Café Tables are customizable even at their standard price points. Resin Panels can also be customized to fit your unique application requirements with bespoke hardware solutions and custom digital print décors. If you need an extra hand, our dedicated team of engineers, designers, and drafters are here to support each project, every step of the way. 

Product Focus: Kuvio

3D Kuvio tiles feature crisp, geometric shapes in a stunning collection of natural finishes, including rich woodgrains, concrete, and stone. Cotton—a white, linen-textured finish—is paintable, so you can match tiles to your brand colors, create multicolored installations, and more. The lightweight tiles arrive fully finished, making installation simple, quick and economical. Shapes can be arranged in a variety of patterns and each individual tile is ultra-lightweight, allowing for placement on walls, ceilings, partitions, and desk fronts. 

Photography courtesy of Sara Eastman Photography / Eastman Creative

Lumicor products are durable, easy to care for, and can be used in many applications throughout healthcare environments. Take a look through our portfolio to see more inspiring healthcare projects. 

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