Flatlay featuring resin squares of various sizes. Each square contains a different color of metallic flake.
June 27, 2024

A new collection has landed! Meet Celestial.

The out-of-this-world Celestial collection features five fresh metallic materials inspired by the hues of the universe, from Nova’s sunny shine to Galaxy’s holographic shift. Shimmery glitter flakes scatter across Resin Panels in ribbons of constellations, infusing patterns that add elegance, whimsy, or contemporary flair to a design.

Tailor-made for your space

Use Add-Ons to better integrate Celestial décors into a variety of applications, whether you’re designing a pediatric waiting room or corporate lobby.  Specify an Opaque to create sparkly solid surfaces, or pair with Luminous for room partitions and decorative panelling. We’re particularly in love with creating tone on tone combinations with Luminous and either Mars, a rusty red, or Dark Matter, a deep blue.

Resin panel material samples and peach-colored vases sit in front of a peach-colored backdrop. One resin panel material sample features red metallic flakes, and the other sample is peach with red metallic flakes.

A universe of design

Specify Celestial décors in a variety of applications across markets, whether you need unique material for a contemporary boutique or want to add tasteful sparkle to a corporate lobby. 

Jewelry items and rock crystals sit on top of a countertop. The countertop is grey with metallic silver flakes.

Stellar or Nova plus an Opaque can provide shelving or other retail displays. Because Opaques affect panel translucency, Resin Panels can be fabricated into a custom cash wrap and hide any hardware behind them.

A casino bartop. Two glasses and some cards sit on top of a black countertop embedded with gold flakes.

Embrace Celestial décors as glittery solid surfaces for entertainment spaces, such as casinos and bars. Gloss finishes allow the décor to shine unimpeded, while matte finishes provide a sophisticated, frosted look. Either gloss or matte panels can be used for tables, bar tops, and even vertical applications like glittery wall panels.

A plate of vegetarian sushi and a cup of sake rest on a bright green, sparkly countertop.

Create imaginative hospitality interiors with Galaxy. Awe guests with colorful counters or tables made from the multicolored holographic flakes paired with Luminous and Opaque. For projects that require a more subtle touch, soften Galaxy’s exuberant personality with a matte finish or single Opaque.

A stuffed white chair sits behind a partition. The partition is clear with red glitter flakes.

When designing for healthcare or corporate facilities that need to be more business and less party, Mars or Dark Matter can provide subtle color in lobby partitions. Use Luminous Add-Ons to punch up the color, add subdued pastel tints, or match brand colors.

Prepare for liftoff

We’re so excited to introduce you to Celestial and see how you incorporate these stunning decorative panels into your projects. All décors are available to order as samples online, including some recommended combinations. Interested in using Celestial in your project? Find your local representative or submit a quote request to find out how we can help.

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