Seven samples of differently textured Reflective Finishes on a black background.
February 27, 2024

Shining a light on our seven new Reflective Finishes

We’re pleased to announce an expanded selection of Reflective Finishes that includes even more textures and patterns, including the bestselling Vena Impression. Increasing the available options from three to ten provides even more opportunities to customize Resin Panels that better align with your design objectives.

Seven new silver textures allow for flexibility when determining materials for an interior. Bold, shimmery patterns easily integrate into spaces full of bold glitz and glamor, while subtle textures shine gently for more subdued applications. 

Resin Panel samples are layered on top of each other, showing how Reflective Finishes add-ons pair with décors in various categories.

More ways to create

Decorative add-ons create a whole new dimension for custom Resin Panels. Give panels additional depth, align with a client’s brand, or better match design intent by specifying colored, opaque, and reflective backers. Adding more options to this collection of add-ons provides interior designers and architects with countless ways to customize Resin Panels. 

Similar to other add-ons, Reflective Finishes can be specified on almost any panel. Pair décors and silver options together, creating unique effects and extra dimension in custom Resin Panels. 

A few of our favorite combinations include:

  • Emphasizing the industrial vibe of Metallic décors like Large Ovalesque by pairing with Stucco Silver
  • Adding Luminous colors to Galvanized Silver for patinated metal effects 
  • Pairing Rain with any Silver for the effect of sunlight on water
  • Creating extra dimension in custom Digital Prints with any Reflective Finish

Two square Resin Panel samples, one gold and one turquoise, stand on a reflective surface.

Expand your metallic color palette

Reflective Finishes are available in silver as a standard, but did you know that you can easily specify other metallic hues? 

Matching Resin Panels to rose gold, pewter, bronze, and other metals is as easy as including an additional add-on. Luminous décors layered on top of textured silver add-ons result in a variety of metals, whether you’re trying to mimic real world materials or create fantastic effects. 

Let’s work together!

Do you need material samples or information on how we can help your project succeed? Find your local Lumicor representative and get started today! 

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