Reflective Finishes

Reflective Finishes are proprietary silvery surfaces that can be applied to Resin Panels to create more dimension within the panel and add a sophisticated sparkle to any application. For additional metallic colors such as gold or copper, pair Reflective Finishes with Luminous décors.
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Sandstone Silver

NEW! Satin Silver

NEW! Stucco Silver

Moiré Silver

Brushed Silver

NEW! Weave Silver

NEW! Crisscross Silver

NEW! Galvanized Silver

NEW! Vena Silver

NEW! Zuri Silver

Add-On Specifications


Reflective Finishes are available as an add-on to any Lumicor panel. It may be combined with any décor and/or Luminous color.


Use Reflective Finishes for horizontal or vertical surface applications to add dimension to a room or to intensify another Lumicor décor or finish.


Panels with Reflective Finishes can have a brushed, moiré, sandstone or satin finish. However, if scratched or damaged, the reflective face of the panel cannot be refinished.


Reflective Finishes may be added to these sheet sizes:
• 48″ x 96″ (1219 x 2438 mm)
• 48″ x 120″ (1219 x 3048 mm)


Reflective Finishes may be added to any Lumicor panel, regardless of gauge.


Panels with Reflective Finishes may be cut and formed. Forming can only be done with the Reflective Finish on the outer curved surface.