Coca Cola / Dining by Design Exhibit

Location: New York, NY
Contractor: Creative Engineering
Sales Rep: Lumicor


This space was designed to curate an innovative dining experience for DIFFA’s Dining by Design Fundraising event that incorporates recycled materials and inspires guests to make a difference.

With 60% recycled content, Lumicor’s Crystal Recycled Glass décor provides an ideal building material that not only reflects the recycled materials theme of the project but creates a stylish focal point for the installation. A prismatic dome of Lumicor panels, encased within a recycled aluminum framework, surrounds the matching Recycled Glass tabletop, drawing visitors into this uniquely fresh and modern space. Chairs constructed from recycled Coke cans, overhead lights created from upcycled Coke bottles, and recycled glass stemware and plates further complement the space and its innate ingenuity.

The result is a dazzling yet earth-friendly dining environment that stands out, supports a great cause, and creates a memorable experience.

Products & Materials