Chandler Regional Medical Center

Location: Chandler, AZ
Contractor: European Techniques
Sales Rep: Lumicor
Product: Wall Protection

Coastal + Cameo Opaque

The designers were challenged with forgoing traditionally spare institutional hospital décor in favor of a bright, welcoming environment that can enhance patient comfort, well-being, and satisfaction.

Lumicor’s Coastal Light décor was chosen as an innovative, natural, sustainable building material to enhance patient and staff well-being and comfort by bringing outdoor botanicals into what might otherwise be a sterile, cold hospital setting. The variety of rich green and yellow tones found in natural coastal grasses bring an element of nature into the reception areas, where patients and their loved ones will be greeted, and introduce a color palette often associated with health and optimism, helping to set a positive tone for each visit.

A more soothing, positive atmosphere that can help ease the stress that can be associated with hospitals for patients and their visitors.

Photos © CAPSFOTO International, Phoenix, AZ