Cabana Bay Beach Resort

Location: Orlando, FFL
Contractor: Advanced Millwork
Sales Rep: MITA Associates

Oyster Linen

The designers were challenged with blending vibrant Mid-Century Modern aesthetics with safe and durable design to create an immersive hospitality experience.

Panels of Lumicor’s Rain decor were cut into geometric shapes, creating a bright and open balustrade for the grand staircase. With a strength much greater than glass, Lumicor’s Lumiclear resin is a perfect material for such a high traffic area. Oyster Linen decor was used to construct lightweight sliding screens for the guest rooms, allowing natural light into the sleeping area while maintaining privacy. The neutral color of the decor offers a contrast to the dark wood and bright colors used throughout the room, creating a room partition that is stylish, durable and highly functional.

The resulting space is a modern interpretation of 1950’s-60’s era design paired seamlessly with modern materials, establishing a fun, colorful environment for guests.

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