June 15, 2021

Custom fabrication and collaboration result in stunning hotel centerpiece

From conception through to installation, a strong working collaboration between designers, installers, and the Lumicor team was essential for this project. Working with the visual concept of Sarasota beaches and a goal of creating a visually impactful yet durable central bar, designers chose Lumicor Resin for its stunning color range and material reliability.

The main challenge was creating a highly functional round bar within a small space. Designing the surrounding room to accommodate the bar and choosing a Lumicor-recommended installer made creating this complex feature much smoother.

The seamless design of the circular bar top made for an interesting technical challenge; the Lumicor team worked hard to find solutions for this request, ultimately settling on custom drafting and fabrication to ensure that the individual curved pieces fit together accurately once installed, creating a continuous uniform surface.

Lumicor advised on a Resin option that was cohesive with the overall design concept, recommending our Seaglass Luminous décor backlit with Lumilight, replicating the blue-green tones that can be seen on the nearby gulf shore. This vibrant bar has become a focal point within the restaurant, a feature that is visible even from the street and nearby high-rises.

Giving designers and installers the ability to work hand in hand with the Lumicor team to develop and build this customized bar was essential to making this project a terrific success.

We would love to be a part of your next project, and our team of engineers, fabricators, and designers are here to assist you through every step. From color matching to engineering, custom fabrication to hardware, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us at [email protected], and let’s get started!


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