In Memory Of Dennis Schober

Dennis Schober, co-founder of Lumicor
November 3, 1964 – October 29, 2016

Dennis Schober was a true entrepreneur in every aspect. He had a big picture perspective that was very unique, as well as the ability to focus on each and every detail—not many people can do that. As the Lumicor team knows, his attention to detail and logic were annoyingly accurate. The early years drove most of us crazy, causing him to realize that he had to reinvent himself and the company culture in order for Lumicor to endure. He did this in the same way that he created products, with passion. More importantly, he relied on his ability to see the big picture, looking around corners that most people just couldn’t see around. He wanted a business where everyone felt good about coming to work. Our Core Values sum up this change pretty well, especially the part of enjoying the journey.

He was a man who loved his faith, his family, and his humor. Once a year around Halloween he would dress up as “Da Boss Man” and turn his office into a 70’s disco party, disco ball and all. Thank you Dennis for allowing us to enjoy the journey! As we turn the page to a new chapter, we are comforted that Dennis’ brother and co-founder, Tim Schober, is now running the company with the same passion and drive.

Employee Tributes

Upon joining the team at Lumicor, it didn’t take long for me to start bonding with Dennis and seeing what a huge heart and amazingly innovative mind he held. I frequently call upon the lessons he taught me about respectfully holding others accountable, and leading with my heart. I still hear him in my head, regularly, guiding me through sticky business and relationship situations. I’m better, stronger, nicer, and calmer because he took the time to help shape me, teach me, and give me the opportunity to grow, mistakes and all. He really invested in me.

I have such love, admiration and respect for him and will forever be grateful professionally and personally that our paths intertwined. His love, light, generosity and silly spirit will forever be part of me and instilled in the values and stories that I teach to others. Dennis’ enormous spirit and loving legacy will continue to guide this amazing company that he co-created, and I know he’ll be proud of us for the choices we make and lives we touch through this company. I miss him daily but am confident and excited about the path ahead with Tim, his brother and co-creator, at the helm. I’m comforted knowing that the company will sustain and innovation and culture will continue to thrive under this new and inspired leadership.

Janell Dastrup (Creative Director)

One of Dennis’ favorite phrases was “I want to make Lumicor a place we all love to work!”  Because he had such passion & commitment to our Lumicor “Ohana” he initiated a positive change to our culture which we carry on today. He was a patient listener with a caring and compassionate heart that made him so much more than a mentor and leader – he was a cherished, trusted friend to me and I loved him.

His absence is felt every day but because of him, we think and act differently in all we do. I am forever grateful to have known Dennis and be part of something so special at Lumicor.

Linda Adams (Production Supervisor/Culture Specialist)

I have a fond memory of Dennis to share since his entrepreneur ability’s and empowering leadership skills were pinnacle in the development of my role here at Lumicor.  It was my first day on the job, and I was not sure where I was to fit in exactly, and neither did Dennis, or so I thought.  He simply asked me to spend time in each department to get a better feel for my fit.  After spending a few moments within the Customer Care department, I knew right away this would be my home.  I think he knew this was meant to be, but didn’t dictate.  Dennis always empowered me to own my work and lead in the similar methods of empowering leadership.  For this, Dennis was a mentor to me, and I still ask myself, “What would Dennis do”?  I respected him as a mentor, a leader, and even a father since we all became such a special family.  When he changed his own culture, in order to change the company’s culture; this was the greatest gift of all.  It is rare to find a leader willing to look inward and humbly acknowledge a need to look at the world from love and compassion.

Kit Elliott (Sales Operations Manager)

Dennis was a blessing and inspiration to me.

I appreciate what he did here at Lumicor, the vision of a culture and atmosphere of caring and integrity that was so important to him.  And I am grateful that he provided a workplace allowing the freedom for faith.

He was a wonderful witness as he demonstrated and reminded us of the abundant love, faithfulness, joy, and peace of Jesus no matter what we’re going through.  He planted seeds and blessed many people.

Thank you, Dennis!  You made a difference!

Dyann Hackworth (Purchasing Agent)

Dennis was complex man in his own way, but a good and simple man too. Complex in that his thoughts often had multiple perspectives and went all over the place in order to find the best outcome, simple in that he knew what he liked and didn’t like. Simple also in the fact that he realized what drives him; faith, family and an innovative company with like-minded people. The employees and culture were very important to Dennis, he wanted a place where people could not only thrive but could grow within the company, all while having fun, and if you wanted to grow outside of the company you’d have his full support. Our Core Values are a direct result of Dennis wanting the best we can be and making sure we can live up to it. He lived by the old statement “nobody cares what we know until they know we care” and he made sure everyone knew he cared. If you were fortunate enough to know him then you’d know he had a great sense of humor and always enjoyed a good laugh. I am forever grateful that he taught me to “enjoy the journey” in everything I do and to help one and other live together and make a difference. Thank you Dennis for all that you did!

Todd Darrow (Product Director)