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Add interest and dimension to your space with Lumicor Wave and Arc panels. Available in most décors in 1/4" or 3/8" gauge, these panels will transform your ceiling or add a vibrant focal point to large spaces. Wave panels may be hung in nearly any orientation or aligned end-to-end to create a continuous rolling wave. Kits come with all necessary hardware for suspension.


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Lumicor Wave and Arc panels come with custom-made cable systems with an attractive satin silver finish and strong 1/8" stainless steel cable. The cable can be cut as needed to customize the height of your wave panels.


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Cable Ceiling Horizontal Panel Connector


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Lumicor Wave and Arc panels are made using our excellent Lumiform R4 resin which contains 40% recycled material and is 100% recyclable. Our resin products do not release any harmful vapors. To learn more about Lumicor R4 and our commitment to green manufacturing.

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Wave and Arc Ceiling Panels

Lumicor ceiling panels are made in both wave and arc shapes and are available in nearly all of our decors. We can also work with you to create a completely tailored, unique ceiling panel design to enhance any interior design.

Ceiling canopies are an ideal solution for creating intimacy, diffusing direct lighting or harsh fluorescents, camouflaging an unsightly ceiling or treating the ceiling as part of the overall interior decor, and worthy of its own unique design treatment. As an architectural component, ceiling panels can be used to reinforce ambience, deliver brand or visitor messaging, or may even be turned into the focal point of an interior space.

Ceiling panels can instantly change the feel of an interior space. Restaurants, retail stores and showrooms can all benefit from the addition of decorative ceiling panels to design specifications. Plus, since our products contain a significant proportion of recycled materials, the addition of ceiling panels to design or architectural specifications may also help a project qualify for LEED certification.

Custom Ceiling Canopies

Lumicor wave and arc panels are available in most of our 250+ decors. In addition, we may be able to incorporate your customer owned materials (or C.O.M.) into the design of your ceiling canopy, or work with you to create a custom ceiling panel color, creating a fully-customized interior design element for your project. For more information about customization or to place an order, contact a dedicated account representative at 1-888-LUMICOR or by using our quote request form.

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All Lumicor Products
are made by using
R4 recycled resins.

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