Frame Door Systems

This frame sliding door system moves effortlessly and quietly along a bottom rolling track. The upper guide track provides no weight support and is easy to install. The bottom rolling track allows the flexibility to mount almost anywhere. Enrich any environment utilizing over 250 available décors and combinations.

Dividing and decorative mullions are available and can be utilized to fit most any specification. Soft-close mechanisms can be integrated to provide a gentle close.



Frame Sliding Door System






Lumicor frame sliding door system comes with all components needed to frame all four sides of the Lumicor panel, and has a beautiful satin silver finish.

  • • Designed for 3/8" Lumicor panels
  • • Custom made and ready to install
  • • Available for openings up to 19'
  • • Variety of panels and door configurations


Single Top Guide Track


Double Top Guide Track


Single Bottom Running Track


Double Bottom Running Track


Top Aluminum Frame Profile


Bottom Aluminum Frame Profile


Vertical Aluminum Frame Profile


Do you want Soft-close?
Soft-close mechanisms can be integrated into your design to provide a gentle close.

Do you want Mullions?
Mullions offer the opportunity to create designs and patterns on your doors. Mullions may be installed vertically or horizontally. There are two types to choose from; We have divider mullions that frame individual Lumicor panels, or decorative mullions that adhere to the face of one large Lumicor panel. A few things to keep in mind when designing with decorative mullions:

  1. Decorative mullions may be installed on one or both sides of the doors. If installed on a translucent infill panel, please be aware that the back of the decorative mullion may be visible from the other side of the door.
  2. Decorative mullions will not be installed by Lumicor, you will need to apply them to your doors.
  3. Decorative mullions come in lengths of 6'-6" or 9'-10".



Frame Sliding Door System
Frame Sliding Door System Installation Guide
Frame Sliding Door System FAQ



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Gauges | .354" (9mm)



Lumicor inserts for the Door Systems are made using with Lumicor R4 resin which contains a minimum of 40% recycled material and is 100% recyclable. Our resin products do not release any harmful vapors. To learn more about Lumicor R4 and our commitment to green manufacturing.

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Thinking Green

All Lumicor Products
are made by using
R4 recycled resins.

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