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Moonstone Recycled Glass

Make a statement with this décor. Reminiscent of the sparkle from a disco ball, this fun décor will add life to any space. Lumicor's Recycled Glass panels are embedded with glass aggregate that is 98%-100% recycled post-industrial content or post-consumer content.

Add sparkle to your next design while maintaining high environmental standards.

Because of the artisan nature of Lumicor products and natural variation of the glass aggregate used in our recycled glass products, minor differences in color, size, shape, and density may be apparent from one sheet to another or within a single sheet.

Only available in standard density.

A slight stipple effect to the surface may occur when forming glass due to the encapsulated glass aggregate, this is not considered a flaw.

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Product Specifications:

available sizes GAUGES* LC LF LS
 3/64" .050" (1.27 mm) ** unchecked unchecked unchecked
1/16" .060" (1.5 mm)     unchecked
1/8" .118" (3 mm)     unchecked
5/32" .160” (4 mm) unchecked    
3/16" .196” (5 mm) unchecked    
1/4" .236" (6 mm)     unchecked
3/8" .354" (9 mm) unchecked    
1/2" .472” (12 mm) checked checked  
3/4" .708” (18 mm) checked    
1" .944” (24 mm) checked unchecked  
Standard: 48" x 96"
(1219 x 2438 mm)
checked checked unchecked
Oversize: 48" x 120"
(1219 x 3048 mm)
checked checked unchecked

Standard Finishes


Décor Direction



Price Group



ChemShield™ | A barrier used to increase the chemical resistance of Lumiclear panels.
Download ChemShield Information Sheet
Marker Board™ | A high quality dry erase finish that can be added to any Lumicor panel.
Download Marker Board Information Sheet
Reflective Finishes™ | A reflective surface that adds dimension and a sophisticated sparkle.
Download Reflective Finishes Information Sheet
Opaque™ | A vinyl backing on Lumiclear or Lumiform creates a fully opaque panel.
Download Opaque Information Sheet
Illume™ | Adding Illume to the back of a Lumiclear panel provides a soft light diffusion.
Download Illume Information Sheet
Spectrum™ | Lumicor's color technology can be applied to add a splash of color to any standard décor.
Download Spectrum Information Sheet


*Not all decors are available in every gauge or sheet size and may vary by resin. Gauge tolerance is ± 20%. Oversized panels, 48" x 120" (1219 x 3048 mm), are not available in 3/4" (18 mm) or 1" (24 mm) gauges.
** Outside of the Wall Protection program a ten sheet minimum will apply for the .050" gauge.




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